Bright Futures

Bright Futures at Adams Middle School is a fun, safe and engaging after-school program available to all students at our school (6th-8th grade).  Our goal is to assist students both academically and socially to grow into strong young adults as they move though middle school and transition to high school.  Our program runs 2:40pm-5:15pm each day, Mondays through Thursdays throughout the school year.

We offer several activities each day.  Daily academic time allows our students to have a quiet place to work, and to get help from peers or adult staff if needed.  Students without homework will take part in a variety of academic-based activities, generally involving math and ELA, designed to get them thinking in new and creative ways. The goal of these activities is to present these subjects in different ways and interest our students in new ways of thinking about these subjects.  We also offer clubs each day.  Clubs are 8-week long activities that give our students an opportunity to try unique things and create big projects.  Our clubs are determined by student interest — what they want, we provide!  Contact Taylor Davis, our site coordinator at



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